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British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) - Vancouver, British Columbia

Railway Conductor Program Description

The Railway Conductor program has been designed and developed in cooperation with the railway industry under the guidance of representatives from railway companies in Canada. The program is presented in a combination of classroom instruction, hands-on application through the use of lab facilities and work site visits and a one week practicum.

Program Length
17 weeks

Start Dates
January, May and September

Great Northern Way Campus
555 Great Northern Way
Vancouver, BC V5T 1E2

Practicum Location(s)
Squamish, BC or Port Alberni, BC

Special Equipment Requirements
(Personal Protective Equipment)
Standard PPE is required and must be purchased by the student

How to Register
You can apply online at the BCIT website or by mail.

Tuition: $6997.61
Practicum: Hotel costs – 4 nights at approximately $35.00
Books and Supplies including Personal Protective Equipment: Approximately $725

Contact BCIT
555 Great Northern Way
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada, V5T 1E2
Tel: 604.451.7054

Click here to learn more about the Railway Conductor Program offered at BCIT!


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